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If your home, office or other building has water, it can cause some nasty mold growth that negatively impacts your house as well as the health of anyone else who enters. Mold can spread throughout a building in as little as 48 hours. The results can be disastrous: Irritants, allergens and other disgusting particles can compromise the well-being of everyone in the building.

If you have any question as to whether you building has mold, reach out to Elite Recovery Team as soon as possible. Our team will conduct an exhaustive inspection of your building to uncover any evidence of mold. If we find mold, we will employ our high-tech equipment to correct the problem. Our mold removal experts have years of experience. You can trust us to get the job done correctly on the first try.

Eliminate Mold by Understanding It

Mold spores are found in both indoor and outdoor environments. This means that removing every last mold particle from your home or business is mission impossible. Our Clearwater competitors will make grandiose claims that their restoration businesses can completely remove mold from your building. Such a claim is nothing but a bald faced lie. Let’s take a look at some legitimate facts about mold to help you better understand what it really is.

  • Mold spores thrive in areas where there is moisture.
  • Mold spores exist in just about every type of environment. It doesn’t matter if you are located indoors or outdoors. You will still be exposed to at least a little bit of mold.
  • Mold creates a musty odor that a human being can pick up on fairly easily. Follow the mold’s scent and it will lead you to its location.
  • Mold spores move through the air with ease. They can infiltrate your home or work space by way of windows, doors or heating/cooling systems. Some mold spores will even attach themselves to your pets or clothing.
  • It is prudent to keep your indoor humidity levels at a maximum of 45 percent. If your indoor humidity rises above this level, it will create an environment in which mold grows with ease.

The mold remediation process can’t take place until all of your building’s sources of standing water or moisture are addressed. If these sources are not removed or dramatically reduced, the mold will likely return in the future.

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